Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing Challenge: Word Roots

The word root I chose was "pyro-", which means fire.

Pyrolyze, pyromaniac, pyrometer.

Once upon a time, a pyromaniac named CJ decided to burn down his arch-nemesis, Little Timmy's house down.  He checked his flamethrower using a pyrometer to make sure it was hot enough to make sure Little Timmy would perish into ash.  Instead, CJ himself got pyrolyzed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Homework 1/5/16

There are a lot of things I think I could do when I'm older.  The world has enough athletes and movie actors that no one cares about anyone who does important things.  Does anyone even care about who makes the toys you play with or the desks you use?  It was nice to dream about being a pro athlete or movie director a few years ago, but now I realize that the world needs people to do more important things.  I would like to build things.  It doesn't really matter what I build, but I'm sure It'll be fun.  LEGOs and computers always interested me, so I figure if I can build with both, I'll have a solid career option.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Batman: After Arkham - Jonathan Hewitt

Batman: After Arkham
Disclaimer: The following is written as a substitute to Batman: Arkham Knight!
After the Joker escaped Arkham Island, he and most of the other villains swam to shore.  That shore happened to be Gotham City.  Except it wasn’t Gotham City anymore.  A man named Dr. Hugo Strange teamed up with Ra’s Al Ghul to wipe all the evil from Gotham, by killing all of the inmates and villains.  He called this Protocol Ten.  Bruce Wayne was talking at a press conference, when Hugo’s T.Y.G.E.R. guards rapelled out of a helicopter, and knocked Bruce and most of the reporters out.  Therefore, Bruce was stuck in a walled-in part of Gotham with every criminal and villain in the city.  Luckily villains stuck to their own territory and rarely head-on attacked Batman.  He met several people and fought many others.  After shutting Protocol Ten down, Hugo Strange was stabbed by Ra’s, and Ra’s fell off of Wonder Tower.  After the rage built up inside of Batman, he had to go to Monarch Theater - the place where his parents were shot to death - to fight the Joker.  The Joker died after the fight, and with his last laugh, Bruce realized that he was no better than the man who killed his parents.  One man called Azrael told him, “Dark days are coming”.  This was only the beginning…

As everyone looked up, they started taking pictures without looking one bit frightened.  They laughed and thought it was a joke.  There was a plane heading South through Gotham, heading to New Jersey, now headed straight into Wayne Tower.  Children and people taking pictures laughed at it, and then the plane crashed dead into the left side of Wayne Tower.  The few that weren’t in shock ran and ran away.  Except one.  He got up from the ground and pulled off his coat.  It was Garfield Lynns; the Firefly.  The Firefly flew up and took the flamethrower from his back, getting ready to completely burn everything in the tower.  He flew into the hole created by the plane and started to burn everything.
Fast forward a few hours, and Batman’s on the scene as well as Commissioner Gordon.  “Thank God you’re here, Batman,” said Gordon, sounding scared.
“This is only the beginning,” Batman replied.
“What?  Have you found something?” asked Gordon.
“No.  Not yet at least,” answered Batman.  He tapped a button on his left arm and summoned his Batmobile, getting ready to drive into his tower.  Seconds later, the car arrived and Batman hopped in, but getting an emergency call.  He switched on video and saw the Firefly.  “Garfield,” said Batman, full of rage.
“You better hurry...Dark…WHAT THE…” yelled Firefly as a second plane exploded on what appeared to be Penguin’s museum.  Firefly dived off the building, gliding away with his suit and never to be seen again by Batman.  
“Get your officers to safety, but don’t go to GCPD, whoever sent off those planes will expect it,” said Batman, already leaving to investigate the second crash.  

Batman raced to the museum, hoping to find some sort of clue.  But first he had to set up a crime scene.  “Alfred.  Set a crime scene, and scan for fingerprints,” Batman told Alfred.
“...Sir...this doesn’t look good...I see a body,” said Alfred, slowly.  Batman scanned further, and found the body Alfred told him about.  
“I can’t find a name, but I can find traces of a chemical that seems to be unknown to us.  I’m uploading a sample to the Batcomputer, see if you can find something.”
“Sir, I’ve found a possible manufacturing location...Oh, this doesn’t look good.   The Sionis Steel Mill,” said Alfred.  And with that, Batman closed the scene.  
“Send another anonymous tip and find the victim, look for anything to find who it could be…” said Batman.   Batman rode his Batmobile all the way over to what used to be the Joker’s territory.  He looked around, and decided to use the front door, something he would almost never do.  He opened the door and was stopped by surprised police officers, asking “Where are you going?”.  Batman looked at them, and without saying anything, he walked passed them and into the Steel Mill.  
“Hey, stop!  Let’s get ‘em, boys!”  yelled the officers.  Batman turned around and threw a smoke pellet.  He then crawled through the smoke and attacked each one from behind.  He switched on “Detective Mode” and scanned the men on the floor, in pain.  
“Alfred, it’s the same chemical.  Whoever did this is going to pay,” said Batman.  He ran into the main building and down the elevator to the bottom level, where his Detective Mode was detecting the same chemical.  Batman could see several men with his thermal vision at the bottom level, and they were all staring straight at Batman.  Then they all dropped to the ground.  Batman punched the elevator, trying to get out and save them but their profile each said “deceased”.  When the elevator opened, he ran straight to the bodies.  The same chemical.  He then looked up and around, trying to find where the chemical came from.  
“Well, Dark Knight, it’s so good to finally see you again…”

“The Hush...Thomas,” said Batman.
“That’s right, I said Bruce would pay, and I meant it.  By the way, what’d you think of those planes?  Quite a show?  Am I right?” The Hush said, jokingly.
“You’re going to pay for this,” said Batman, running towards him.  He broke into full sprint, getting ready to beat up Hush.  
“Not yet,” said Hush, “don’t I get to explain my motive?  All the great villains do it.”  The Hush electrocuted Batman.  “I guess so.  Anyways, I was a young boy, blah blah blah, and there was a kid named Bruce.  Everyone loved Bruce.  We were like brothers.  So one day, I attempted to get what was rightfully mine, and inherit my parents’ money by killing them.  But when that didn’t work, what did Bruce do?  He had his dad save them, leaving me the same.  Only full of rage.  And a burning hatred for Bruce Wayne.  I will…”
“Break you,” added Scarecrow.
“Kill you,” corrected Hush.
“Why were you targeting the Museum?” asked Batman, trying to get up from the ground.
“Oh, Dark Knight, don’t act like you don’t have secrets.  You and I both know that if you wanted people to know you’re Bruce Wayne.  You’d take off that mask…”
“Tommy, I...I can help you,” said Batman.  He carefully put out his hand to distract the Hush as he reached behind his back to call in the Batmobile’s remote control.  “Remember that toy car?” asked Batman, with a smirk on his face.  The Batmobile burst through the wall, leaving Scarecrow’s leg stuck underneath the rubble and the Hush fleeing from the scene altogether.
“NOW!  GET IN THERE, IF HE SURVIVES YOU’LL BE IN THE PLANES NEXT!” yelled the Hush, sprinting right through the opening in the wall.  About 30 T.Y.G.E.R. guards were completely surrounding Batman, all armed with either rifles, stun-batons, shields, melee weapons, bricks, and heavy combat armor.
“Huh,” said Batman, “okay.”

Batman grabbed onto one of the shields, pulled it straight out of the surprised goon’s hands, and uppercutted the teeth right out of him.  He then grabbed the shield and threw it at the man picking up a dropped rifle and quickly followed up with a kick, landing him right into another guard.  Wasting no time, Batman grabbed onto a rifle, shot it at the guard’s feet and then brought his knee up to the bad-guy’s jaw.  Batman stood there, full of rage, and picked up the rifle to aim it at others.  They all had their hands up, and then he emptied the gun and unloaded it.  
“Get out of here.  Don’t make me change my mind,” yelled Batman, in the scariest voice possible.  Every last one who was still conscious ran through the wall, hoping to get to safety.  “Gordon, get to the back of the Sionis Steel Mill.  I have Scarecrow need of immediate medical assistance as well as a few of his men,” told Gordon through the video on his arm.  “Crane.  WHY DID YOU LAUNCH A PLANE INTO THE MUSEUM?”
“Why don’t you get me out and I’ll tell you?”
“Of course,” said Batman, moving forward to free Crane from the rubble.  “Would you like anything else, sir?” asked Batman as he walked towards Crane.  
“Kill that little-” Crane started to say.  Batman pushed the rubble down on Crane’s leg.
“YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW THAT DOESN’T WORK, TELL ME WHY!  FEAR TOXIN?”  The Scarecrow screamed at both the pain and Batman.
“Sure, was it this explosion you were asking about?”  A plane crashed into the Steel Mill, on the opposite of the building a few seconds later.  “OR THIS ONE?”  A plane crashed straight into the Hush, leaving no body whatsoever; or any trace of a human even being there.  “OR HOW ABOUT THIS-”
“Gordon, you didn’t have to sh-”

“How-BOOM, do-BOOM, you-BOOM, LIKE IT-BOOM BOOM BOOM.” yelled Gordon as he was shooting Crane in the rubble.  
“Gordon, stand down!” yelled Batman.
“Oh, I’m sorry about your friend, Bruce, because if you thought that was me getting hit by the forgot I’m the Hush,” the Hush said.
“I’m sorry, Gordon.  He’ll pay,” whispered Batman.  “I...I...surrender,” said Batman.
“Really?  Okay...then take off your belt, your suit, and mask.  You’ve been hiding under it for too long anyway,” said the Hush.
“Maybe it’s time for a new one then,” said Batman as took off his mask and threw it at the Hush.  Batman then ran through the hole in the wall, getting shot in the shoulder and fired the Batmobile’s power winch into a wall and pulled it over, covering the hole so the Hush couldn’t get out.  Batman then rushed at the vent in the ground, and to the other opening the Hush could get out by and quickly got out of the vent and hit “Emergency Lockdown” on one of the walls.  This meant that all of the walls went up and Batman could watch as the Hush banged on the walls and tried to escape.  
“Well, nice knowin’ ya,” said Hush.
“Not really,” said Batman.  Batman quickly got Scarecrow’s toxin flowing into the room and through the vents.  “Bye, Tommy.  You could’ve had a good life,” said Batman.  
Suddenly, a bullet had pierced through the wall and hit the Hush directly in the back of his skull.  “Deadshot…” said Batman.

Everything was back to normal, until Batman died, and Deadshot was never seen again. The Firefly was killed by police.  Everyone forgot about the Joker, and now in Gotham we celebrate Bruce’s birthday as a mandatory holiday.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Realistic Fiction "The Plan" - Jonathan Hewitt

Chapter One - Freddy

I rolled out of my bed as something sharp pierced my skin.  I knew I shouldn’t have left my door was my cat scratching me and stretching out.  “Don’t get too comfy”, I told my cat.  I held onto one of my desk drawers and while attempting to shut off my alarm clock, I pulled it down on top of me, leaving me on the floor in pain.  As I attempted to get up a second time, I grabbed onto my chair, having it almost fall right on top of me like the previous time.  As I walked through the doorway, I decided to go outside and get some fresh air.  I walked down the stairs, said “Bye” to my mom and sister, and proceeded to get my keys from the rack.  As I turned the key into the hole on my front door, my friend texted me to call him “A.S.A.P.”
I grabbed onto the white railing from the stairs down to the sidewalk and attempted to slide down.  Miraculously when I did fall off, I landed on my hands and was unharmed.  As I reached into my pocket to get my phone, I realized it had fallen into a nearby bush.  I proceeded to lean forward to survey the bush and found that there were thorns all around my phone.  I ran back up the stairs, into the house, and grabbed the big, black scissors from the kitchen drawer.  When I ran back outside, my phone was gone.  Or was it?  It wasn’t in the bush I had just looked in.  Maybe I’m looking in the wrong one?, I whispered to myself.  I turned around, knowing that there was another bush behind me, and then what do I see?  Jason scaring the eyes out of my head!  He laughed, and laughed at me, and almost fell down!
As he looked at me again, I looked him back, in the eye and then tackled him, landing inches away from the thorns from the bush.  As he got up, he laughed louder and then I just pinched myself to see if I was dreaming or if he actually just scared me that much!  

Chapter Two - Jason

“You really didn’t see me behind the van?”  I laughed as Freddy ran and tackled me towards the bush.  “Chill, dude!  I’m just joking!”  
“You’re lucky I don’t just stab you with these keys!” Freddy yelled in my ear.  He then leaned down to pick up his phone that was on the ground.  
“Just follow me, I have an early birthday present!” I told Freddy as I started running across the street.  I could hear him mumbling something under his breath and he speed-walked towards me.  
“You know my birthday was three weeks ago, right?  It was two days before Christmas!” said Freddy, sounding confused.
“Exactly, for next year!” I yelled behind my shoulder.  I stopped running after I got to my destination, and waited for Freddy to finally catch up to me.  We both looked up.  I sighed, and walked up the stairs to the light blue and red-striped painted house.  
“It’s locked,” I told Freddy.  “Let’s look for another entrance.”
Of course, I had planned this out, and the next part of my plan was to separate us so I could get back to my dad upstairs in the library.  I walked down the stairs, almost tripping on the second-to last step and going to the side of the house.  I acted like I had just found a window that was ground-level, and asked him to drop down into the basement.  

Chapter Three - Jason
I watched him drop down, as I told him, “I’ll meet you down there, something came up”.
“ ‘Something came up’?  What’re you, my dad!?”
“Yeah, sorry, I meant...okay...I’ll meet you down there, I got a call,” I replied.
“Who’s calling, you?  You can talk to ‘em later, we need to do this.”
I ran away from the window, to the front door of the house to unlock it with the key my dad had previously given to me.. Hearing Freddy scream after me almost made me want to turn back, but my dad and I had already agreed on this.  Desperately flipping through my keys, I couldn’t find the key for the house!  Panicking, I quickly reached into both of my pockets, causing the keys I was holding to fall to the ground.  I picked up the keys on the ground, and kicked at the front door.
Eventually I stopped, without anything actually happening to the door.  And as a last resort, I grabbed the faded gold door knob, and twisted it slightly to the right.  The door was open all along.  I walked in with a sigh of relief, and looked at the inside-side of the door, which had my key in  it.  I slowly approached the stairway to the library where I would meet my dad at, when suddenly I felt a vibration.  “My phone.” I muttered to myself.  
“Coming?” my dad texted me.
“I need to, like...turn on the cameras or something, right?” I texted back.
“Yeah” my dad replied.
I moved over to what looked to be a boy’s bedroom, and saw some wood planks, maybe guarding something and felt it.  It felt rough, and my hand recoiled away from it.  Naturally, I grabbed the wood and pulled as hard as I could until unexpectedly, the wood came off of the wall it was nailed to and hit me right in the face.  

Chapter Four - Freddy
Speechless, I ran to the window I went through, looking in both directions and seeing nothing.  Not even a sign that Jason was there.  Without thinking, I just kicked and punched things out of rage.  
When I finally realized what I’d done, I backed up into the wall, and sat down with my hands on my head.  Unsure of what to do next, I got up and kicked the door to that was leading up to the rest of the building.  Okay, I’ve gotta think, here.  I could try climbing out of the window I came down from...I thought to myself.  Almost out of ideas, the window was my final option.  I knew without even looking at the window, I wouldn’t be able to reach it, so I looked around for something I could stand on.  I saw lots of boxes with what appeared to be security cameras on them, weird”...a table...that would work.” I thought out loud.  I pushed the table using all the strength I had left, and as soon as I heard a little BANG, I’d know I hit the wall.  “Bingo,” I said.  I climbed onto the table, and felt the lock on the window.  It was unlocked.  

Chapter Five - Jason
Okay, this was getting annoying.  I had to find three more of the boxes throughout the floor I was on.  The first one was being guarded by the wood I had just pulled out.  I felt another vibration: “And once youve pulled the wood out, c me.” my dad texted me.
“KK.” I replied.
Why doesn’t he do this, if he’s so amazing? I thought to myself.  As I approached what looked to be another boy’s bedroom, I heard a creak in the floor boards.  I spun around to see Freddy there, with that look in his eyes.  Like he’d had enough.  He pushed me back, and I fell onto the floor.  He crawled backwards like he was about to get killed in a horror movie.  “WHAT THE...WAS THAT” he yelled with steam coming out of his ears.  
“I, I...well.” I stuttered.  He was really, really furious.  I explained without any thought, what we were going to do, and he just stared at me in disbelief.  I told him that “We were hooking up security cameras and since my dad makes props for movies, he agreed to help me...conquer your fears.”
“By locking me in a basement!?” he yelled.  
“By using his props to scare you in the basement.” I explained.
“By locking me in a basement!?” he screamed at the top of his lungs.  
The last thing I saw was Freddy's fist coming towards my face, and then I blacked out.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Homework 11/2/15

"I rolled out of my bed as something sharp pierced my skin.  I knew I shouldn’t have left my door was my cat scratching me and stretching out.  'Don’t get too comfy', I told my cat.  I held onto one of my desk drawers and while attempting to shut off my alarm clock, I pulled it down on top of me, leaving me on the floor in pain."  

I chose this section from my story because it was a good hook and I feel like it's the best part of the story. Not only does it describe the surroundings of the character, but it hooks the reader and keeps them interested. It also makes the readers guess what's "piercing" his skin, so that keeps them interested as well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scene and summary are two different subjects, but have similarities at the same time.  We consider a scene to be 3D, and it shows a small, but important event in great detail.  A summary is 2D, and shows a collection of scenes without much detail, but still has some.  The difference between 2D and 3D is that 2D shows some detail, but 3D would be about the same detail as a scene.  Just picture a movie in 2D, and then 3D, jumping out at you with lots of detail.  In the book I'm reading called I Funny, by James Patterson, there are both scenes and summaries.

An example of a summary is at the end when Jamie does his act in the Final Four.  Instead of telling jokes and doing what he originally planned, he tells his life story, with picures and everything.  This is a summary, because he doesn't explain everything in lots of details, and he tells the story short and sweet.  An example of a scene is when the author describes Jamie and his first stand-up act in the first part of the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic competition.  In the scene, the author talks about how Jamie's face was sweating and the place was "overflowing with sweat".  I'd say that James Patterson does scenes better than summaries, because there was only that one summary I can think of, and I just like scenes more than summaries.